pkgwrite is a simple tool to make Debian and Redhat packages out of a single specification file.

pkgwrite is licensed under the GNU GPL and LGPL: this dual licensing is just a small convenience, though. You may use pkgwrite to package software which is under any license: however pkgwrite itself may only be included with GPL or LGPL software.

If this restriction prevents you from using pkgwrite for Free Software (which includes the BSD or MIT licenses) please don't hesitate to contact me.


The latest version of pkgwrite is 0.0.8. You may download it here. Of course, it packages itself: It is also available as: And exactly the same link as above:


There is the pod documentation:

We also maintain a ChangeLog.


If you would like to help code some feature or bug fix, please look at the TODO file. We are also saving ideas that we don't plan on implementing, but would be nice, in a TODO.maybe file.


Dave Benson, daveb at

Old Versions

Go here for earlier versions.